Automation Electric Company is a preeminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Variac System for Servo Stabilizer that is used basically to provide a constant output voltage with absolute stability. It is proper for most electronics and electrical applications. We understand the fact that voltage fluctuation may result in the damaging of electric appliances or device or it may affect productivity but, the range of Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer, servo stabilizers offered by automation electric protects all the equipment and also guarantees a continuous and smooth creation process. These stabilizers have been highly appreciated by our domestic and international clients.

Our Specialty Variac Design for Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer : Available Range : 2 Amp. to 25 Amp. in T-Clamp with easy Motorized System & Compact Design.


  • Long Life
  • Better Regulation
  • Compact Size
  • Advanced Design
  • High Performance
Variac System For Servo Stabilizer
Variac System For Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer
Variac System For Servo Stabilizer
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